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Our business model combines the investment talent, entrepreneurialism and creativity of leading, independent asset management specialists with the resources and capabilities of a global firm.

We align incentives for growth through a partnership structure that provides each of our Affiliates with meaningful equity ownership and profit interests in their own firms, and preserves the unique culture that has made them successful.

We work closely with each of our Affiliates to execute on organic growth opportunities that expand their global clientele and the products they bring to areas of increasing demand.


BrightSphere’s culture is marked by a focus on entrepreneurialism and efficiency. Its senior management team includes seasoned professionals with broad and deep experience in asset management, investment banking and private equity. BrightSphere’s management and Board of Directors have strong relationships with leadership at each Affiliate and work in partnership with them to enhance and expand their businesses.

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The focus of our business strategy is to accelerate organic growth by broadening our global distribution capabilities and expanding our product offerings in areas of investor demand. We leverage our scale and expertise to attract and retain new investors in high-growth regions where scale resources are an advantage, such as Asia, Latin America, and Middle East, while enabling our Affiliates to continue to focus on providing the excellent long-term investment performance and client service that made their businesses successful.

Diverse Products

BrightSphere’s Affiliates generally have strong, long-term track records of outperformance in their investment disciplines, and we work alongside them to extend their time-tested strategies into new asset classes and geographies. BrightSphere’s dedicated internal product development team combines a deep understanding of each Affiliates’ distinct approach with proprietary market analytics to identify and execute on product extensions that align with each Affiliate’s investment philosophy and appeal to a wide range of global investors.

We have worked closely with our Affiliates to identify and develop new strategies, including quantitatively-focused China A Shares and Multi-Asset Class capabilities, as well as new product lines focused on global, international and emerging markets equities, and a suite of fixed income investments including bank loans.

Global Reach

BrightSphere and its Affiliates serve approximately 250 institutional and sub-advisory clients across approximately 20 countries.

BrightSphere’s Global Distribution Team complements the existing sales and marketing capabilities at each Affiliate. BrightSphere’s experienced channel and regional specialists develop new business opportunities in domestic and international markets where scale offers meaningful advantages to support geographic reach and client servicing capabilities. In particular, BrightSphere’s distribution efforts focus on global markets including Asia, Europe, Latin America, and the Middle East, and the sub-advisory and defined contribution channels in the United States.

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